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Our tint film range has been specially designed for those who enjoy the look of tint art with various designs to choose from and the easy option to diy at home! They can also be used on headlights, glass & plastic surfaces.

PLEASE NOTE - VARYING TURN AROUND TIME - These films are made to order.



Cut to size

Self adhesive

Full lense protection

(May help prevent scratches, uv fading and overtime wear and tear to lense)


We advise professional installation if you’re not confident in applying yourself.

If confident to apply yourself, please ensure you follow the steps below:

  1. Prep surface - ensure surface has been cleaned properly then dried completely before application
  2. Peel film backing on one edge and apply film where desired
  3. Using a plastic scraper or credit card, slowly work inwards gently pushing the film down evenly ensuring there are no air bubbles trapped between the lense and film
  4. Continue until film is fully and evenly adhered to lense
  5. Once film is evenly placed and adhered, trim any excess edges carefully with a blade/box cutter. Please ensure you are trimming lightly and not damaging lenses, rubber/plastic trims around lense or car paint. PROCEED WITH CAUTION